The Journey Begins

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9 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Great to meet you and look forward to reading about your future sailing adventures.

    You certainly have gone through many boats but what a wonderful way to gain experience sailing, instead of being thrown in the deep end.

    I lived on a boat for 21 years. The first boat was a Roberts 28, which we built and then extended to 34 feet with the final boat a gorgeous Catalina 47 – true ocean cruiser. But alas, I’ve been boat less since 2010.
    I’ve written a few posts on sailing, but nowhere near as many that I have yet to write.

    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog.


    1. Hello fellow Earth Traveler,
      I have not been able to work on my blog for a very long time until most recently. I’m struggling with what to put in so I am reviewing many different sites including yours which is very attractive with ideas and photography.
      What are you say is that I sailed from San Francisco to the Marquesas this last summer which took seven weeks. Another two months was spent exploring the Marquesas which was a real wonderful experience meeting, new people, seeing new sights and just enjoying life.
      I have many photos and videos that I’ll be be rearranging for my blog presentation.

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    2. Nilla,
      I have been so terrible and delinquent in posting any of my adventures here in the Marquesas. It’s been a great year or more exploring the many bays in and around the several islands, some uninhabited. Private anchorages have appealed to me mostly because of the element of privacy and solitude.
      I am just now slapping myself back into sharing, in part due to your postings nearly daily.
      Still, thought, I am wandering around WordPress a little bit confused.

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  2. We hope that your first 24 hours went well with wildlife close by and the pacific true to it’s color!
    Peregrine looked fiddle fine as you started your journey in good company under the GG bridge!


    1. Thank you Eva, just a one sentence adventure outside the GG for the first 24. It was a bow with a salty result not too unusual for this humble sailor.


  3. Hola, not sure if my mail is coming through ???


  4. I was looking at the weather and wondered how you’re doing … now I know and feel better that a few things were reviewed…. are you in Monterey until u set sail again?


    1. Eva, I made it back to Alameda for various other reasons. I’m waiting for a Predict Wind upgrade to standard and finishing out the list.
      Probably leave on Wednesday

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